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Drupal Web Development

What Is Drupal?

Like WordPress, Magento, and Shopify, Drupal is a content management system (CMS) - the thing that holds your content and presents it online.

The awesome thing about Drupal, is that it can do everything other systems can and more. Think of it as the biggest, strongest, fastest, and most agile gorilla in the jungle.

Using Drupal we can make your website look and work the way you want it to.

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What Makes Drupal Web Development So Great?

More than 1 million organizations trust Drupal to run their websites. It’s always a good idea to have trusted and reliable community at your side! Even the White House and NASA trust Drupal to run their websites!

At this point, you might be worried that Drupal isn't the right choice for you. After all, your organization isn't as big as the White House or NASA. But, that's what's so cool about Drupal. It's a great tool for smaller organizations too. Not convinced? See how we helped the San Francisco SPCA.

San Francisco SPCA Project

In the past, we had partnered with website developers who developed our site without sharing their process making updates and site maintenance a difficult and time consuming task. The Cheeky Monkey team made us part of their process from project initiation all the way up to project hand off.


Popular Drupal Features Include:

Responsive Design - Drupal content automatically resizes itself to fit any screen size, accommodating everything from mobile to tablet to large TV screens.

Scalability - Drupal makes it easy to integrate new sections and/or features as your business and audience needs change over time.

Theme & Customized Design - Drupal allows you to customize your own theme or to choose between simple or complex themes to ensure your website creates a quality design experience.

Easy-to-Use - Site administrators can add content, video, pictures and graphics without code. The popular WYSIWYG module (What You See is What You Get), makes it possible to create content in Drupal using standard word processing rules and formatting. With the changes to Drupal 8 (by-the-way, we made the Drupal Association’s Why Drupal 8 site and this site on Drupal 8, not that we’re bragging or anything) you (non tech person) can even make changes on your phone!

Unlimited Content Types - Drupal lets site owners create any content type, meaning that site owners can design their own style of presentation to create repeatable content models. Drupal content creators are limited only by their imaginations, not by the constraints of the CMS..

State-of-the-art Content Organization - Drupal doesn’t just help site owners post content, it helps them organize content. With top-notch search functions, tagging, filing, and storing content has never been easier.

Access Control - Drupal makes it possible for site owners to set up security procedures that grant different levels of access to different categories of user - such as a blog writer versus a developer.

Drupal is open source, which means no-one owns it. Why is this so awesome? When one member of the Drupal community solves a problem, every other member of the Drupal community can access it and use the solution, without having to pay a licensing fee. Did we mention, there are over 2 million developers working on Drupal, which means that there are a lot of really smart Drupal developers putting their heads together to solve pesky problems. Oh, and just a heads up, because it can get confusing, even though you don’t have to pay a licensing fee to use Drupal, there are still costs involved. Sigh, we know, but we need to be able to pay for our bananas.

Drupal serves more than 100 languages, which means it speaks 96 more languages than all of us in the office put together.

Drupal is fast! Zoom, zoom. Oh wait, we’re not a Mazda commercial. It's just so fun to say.

We could go on and mention that Drupal is great at integrating with third party software, modules, and social media - you can even automate - but we think you get the idea! Drupal kicks some serious monkey butt! (Does that sound clever, or are we just getting corny now?)

Now that we've (hopefully) wow'ed you with the benefits of Drupal, tell us more about your project and what you need your website to do for you.

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