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Drupal Support Services

Without their development, we wouldn’t have been able to scale to where we are now. We sell almost 5,000 different digital products on our site and continually maintain and update those products. They built an API so we could do that in a more automated way directly on the site. We are able to work efficiently because of their help. Traffic has continued to increase on the site since we’ve used them.

~ Chris Hathaway, CEO, AggData LLC (Information Services Firm)

Drupal Support Services?

Sometimes you don’t want to redesign or rebuild an entire website. Maybe you don’t have the time or the funds to tackle a full Web redesign. What if we told you that you don't actually need to rebuild? That you can reach your goals by embracing ongoing iteration?

That's why Cheeky Monkey Media focuses on Drupal support services.

Cheeky Monkey’s Drupal support services are there to ensure you have access to the expertise, guidance, and support you need to keep your website working for you, not against you.

Cheeky Monkey focuses on Maintenance Services & Support, helping you to:

  • Deliver a better, faster mobile experience by integrating with AMP (Advanced Mobile Pages)
  • Ensure easy access to all information by reorganizing your web content
  • Save valuable time moving information from one platform to another
  • Enhance the look and feel of your website
  • Update outdated and ineffective technology
  • Design new pages so that you can share the content you want, they way you want
  • Fix bugs so that your website works the way it was meant to
  • Add functionality to improve your audience's experience on your site

Graphic Design

Things always seem to flow better when the look and feel of your website matches the look and feel of your organization. Sometimes, all you’re website needs to start making a positive impact on your organization is a bit of a face lift. Cheeky Monkey can help with Graphic Design, Rich Media Production, Color Palette Creation, and Typography. If you look awesome, we look awesome. Let's make sure your website looks awesome too.

Enhanced Web Feature Development

You can do just about anything on Drupal. You can build large databases, have an easy to use e-commerce system, and you can make (or integrate with) complex ticketing systems, to name just a few. The best part is that you can integrate them so they all work together, automatically. Our jungle is busy, and we’re guessing yours is too. We’re up for anything that makes our lives easier. In English, this means that our developers can create and install tools that connect all of your different software systems so that you can access them all from one place.

Technology Updates

Every time you turn around, new web technology is on the rise. With ongoing maintenance and attention, Cheeky Monkey Media helps you stay abreast of the latest tech, trends, and best practices. Manage the latest updates, fixes, and patches without having to sacrifice your team's precious time. The monkeys can help with Mobile Responsive Design, Administration Theme Installation, Security Updates, Module Patches and Updates, and Efficiency Reviews and Fixes.

Ongoing Maintenance

With a team of savvy developers, designers, and marketers on hand and ready to help, the monkeys can ensure that your website and digital presence aren't taking precious time and resources away from your marketing and IT teams. With convenient options, a wide spectrum of talent, and a commitment to efficiency, flexibility, and transparency, Cheeky Monkey Media can provide your organization with all the web help you need. From content modifications and programming to hosting and upkeep, the monkeys have you covered.

Get Started on the New Approach to Web Development

Your website should never be a stressful situation that you dread dealing with. When you work with Cheeky Monkey Media, you get to have a personal relationship with the team you’re working with. Our team becomes a part of yours, collaborating to meet all the requirements and produce the best possible result. Connect with us today to see how we can help you get more value out of your website without sacrificing your resources.

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Want an easy starting point? Our technical site audit will help you uncover exactly what's working on your website and what isn't. View the audit page to learn more.


They did an excellent job and are great communicators. We’re an agile shop, and they worked from an agile standpoint as well. Everything was well documented and Cheeky Monkey Media would get what they needed to be done in time to make sure that it was what we wanted. Because they were on time, we had time to make adjustments where necessary. They used all the best practices on the development side and had a QA environment for us to participate with them on. Everything about their project management process was spot on.

~ Josh Mitchell, CTO, Drupal Association (Drupal Non-Profit)


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