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Drupal Support Services

Without their development, we wouldn’t have been able to scale to where we are now. We sell almost 5,000 different digital products on our site and continually maintain and update those products. They built an API so we could do that in a more automated way directly on the site. We are able to work efficiently because of their help. Traffic has continued to increase on the site since we’ve used them.

~ Chris Hathaway, CEO, AggData LLC (Information Services Firm)

Drupal Support Services?

Sometimes you don’t want to redesign or rebuild an entire website. Maybe you don’t have the time or the funds to tackle a full Web redesign. We get that, so we also offer Drupal support services.

Cheeky Monkey Media’s Drupal support services are there to ensure you have access to the expertise, monkey-power, and support you need to keep your website working for you, not against you.

In fact, we've put together a technical site audit to help you uncover exactly what's working on your website and what isn't. Visit our website audit page to learn more.

We can help you do things like:

Integrate with AMP to deliver a better, faster mobile experience

Ensure easy access to all information by reorganizing your web content 

Save valuable time moving information from one platform to another

Enhance the look and feel of your website

Update outdated and ineffective technology

Focus on what’s really important by assisting your in-house team with ongoing maintenance

Design new pages so that you can share the content you want, they way you want

Fix bugs so that your website does what you want when you want it to

Add functionality so that your audience has a great experience on your site

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Multiple Platform Data Entry

You can do just about anything on Drupal. You can build large databases, have an easy to use e-commerce system, and you can make (or integrate with) complex ticketing systems, to name just a few. The best part is that you can integrate them so they all work together, automatically. Our jungle is busy, and we’re guessing yours is too. We’re up for anything that makes our lives easier.

How do we do this? Our developers are excited about:

  • Centralized Controls
  • Module Development and Installations
  • Integration with CRM/ERP platforms
  • Automated Imports and Exports
  • Custom API Development

In English, this means that our developers can create and install tools (modules, or plugins, or APIs) that connect all of your different software systems (your customer database, social media profiles, ticketing system and so on), so that you can access them all from one place. These same tools can be set up so that you can schedule things in advance, or automate certain actions if another action took place (for example, if customer A does this, X happens).

Ready to cross things off your list, save some time, and increase accuracy? What are you waiting for?

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Image Enhancement

Things always seem to flow better when the look and feel of your website matches the look and feel of your organization. Sometimes, all you’re website needs to start making a positive impact on your organization is a bit of a face lift.

Graphic Design - If your design is looking a bit dated, we work with you to design a series of images that more accurately describe your organization.

Rich Media Development - You know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. We help you get your message out using photography and video.

Color Palette Creation -You’d be surprised what a big difference the colors you use make.

Typography Examination - Do the fonts you use accurately describe your organization?

You look awesome. We look awesome. Let's make sure your website looks awesome too.

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Technology Updates

Mobile Responsive Design - In today’s world over 50% of the people of who visit websites regularly are doing so on their mobile devices. When the monkeys get their hands on your website they make sure it works on any and all mobile devices - Android, Apple, tablets, and so on.

Administration Theme Installation - Your website can be one of your most effective tools. It’s important that you are comfortable using it. Drupal is easy for non-tech people to use right out of the metaphorical box, but we make it even easier by walking you through the ins and outs system and being available to help you out if you get stuck.

Security Updates - Our Drupal developers are always talking to the Drupal community, which means we’re the first to know when important security updates are coming up. We make sure your security is always up to date.

Module Patches and Updates - Just like your car, yes, even that new expensive one you just bought, your website needs preventative maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Your Drupal website won’t need a lot of maintenance, but we’re here to make your life easy when it does. This way you can be sure that you’ll always have the most effective and up-to-date solutions.

Efficiency Review and Fixes - There are few things more annoying than a slow or glitchy website. It makes the monkeys want to pull their fur out and start throwing bananas just thinking about it. We know you’re already juggling too many priorities to deal with an efficiency review and fix, so we’d like to do it for you.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Here’s the thing, qualified developers can be hard to find and even harder to keep. We can’t imagine anything worse than having a big project put on your desk and having your expert Drupal developer leave because he/she was offered a better paying position elsewhere. We aren’t going anywhere. We have an exceptionally low employee turnover, so when you work with us, you have the chance to develop an ongoing and, dare we say, fun relationship with us. Plus, there’s a team of us, so you’ll never be left without support.

Content Modifications and Scheduling - You’re busy. We get that. Let us make your life easier by scheduling your content and setting it up so it goes to the right place, at the right time, automatically. And yes, we can add and remove content and media from your website if you would like.

Custom Development - The great thing about Drupal is that it can integrate with other systems you’re already using. For example, if you have a customer management system that you really like, we can find or create a module that will allow you to do that. In addition, if you’re not happy with the system you’re currently using, we can custom build one that suits you and your business needs to a tee.

Retainer Services for additional development - We know that things come up. That’s why you can put us on a retainer. If you think you need 20 hours of work every month, we will make sure we keep that time open for you. If you don’t end up using all 20 hours, no problem. We won’t charge you.

Managed Hosting (through partners like Pantheon or WP Engine for example) - Basically, your website is hosted somewhere. Now, you could leave your website all alone is some far-off jungle, but you probably shouldn’t do that. The server where your website lives needs to be updated, configured, backed-up, and so on. We know a couple of monkey troops that you can trust with this very important task, and they don’t charge hidden fees.

Drupal Maintenance and Upkeep - Again, this is just like taking your car in for service. You ‘bring’ your website in, the developer monkeys take a look, and we can fix anything that might cause you problems down the line. Easy. Peasy. Banana peely.

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Huge thumbs up from Australia! It’s been a pleasure working with Cheeky Monkey Media. The process is smooth, easy and enjoyable - even from the other side of the world! Their incredible team has performed an outstanding job on both small and large scale projects for us. They are extremely talented developers represented by very friendly and reliable project managers.


Cleaning Up Website Paths

When you’re trying to attract visitors (clients, prospective students, donors, etc) to your site, you need a site that your visitor wants to use, and more importantly, can use. To help you get there, we offer the following Drupal support services.

Information Architecture - The Information Architecture is your site plan or frame - a map of what will go where. This step helps you clarify what will go where on your website and how the pieces will come together.

Conversion Path Planning - Conversion Path Planning is the process of mapping out where you would like your user to go from start to finish.

Wireframes - If the Information Architecture is your site frame, your wireframes are the prototypes. Wireframes help you visualize what your website will look like when it is released into the wild.

Content Identification and Categorization - Content Identification and Categorization is way of organizing your content so that each piece of content can be found intuitively.

Call-to-Action Development -When visitors come to your website, you need to know two things: (a.) What would you like the visitor to do: Buy something? Register for a workshop? Read a particular article or series of articles? (b.)What would your visitor like to achieve? The trick is bringing the two together and discovering the best way to get your visitor to do what you would like them to do - a well-crafted Call-to-Action that invites your visitor to act.

User Testing - You have a strategy. We get that. You would like to get your message out to your target audience. But, if you’re website doesn’t appeal to the people you’re trying to engage with, they won’t hear your message or even want to listen. That’s why we do user testing. No, we don’t build large hamster wheels and have prospective users run inside, although that might be fun. We give the users options and have them pick the ones they like best. We also do user research, but that’s a whole other monkey nest.

Are you ready to make your site intuitive and easy to navigate?

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Remember ...

If you would like your website audience to have a good experience and do what you would like them to do (read an article, register to become a member, become a student, or donate money, for example), you’re going to need more than just a website. You will need a website that talks to your audience. That’s a lot of moving parts.

That said, your website should never be a stressful situation that you dread dealing with. When you work with Cheeky Monkey Media, you get to have a personal relationship with the team you’re working with. You’re part of a team that collaborates together in order to meet all the requirements and produce the best possible result. Most importantly, we have fun.

Let us help.

Tell Us About Your Project

They did an excellent job and are great communicators. We’re an agile shop, and they worked from an agile standpoint as well. Everything was well documented and Cheeky Monkey Media would get what they needed to be done in time to make sure that it was what we wanted. Because they were on time, we had time to make adjustments where necessary. They used all the best practices on the development side and had a QA environment for us to participate with them on. Everything about their project management process was spot on.

~ Josh Mitchell, CTO, Drupal Association (Drupal Non-Profit)


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