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Anecdotally, the launch of the new corporate solutions site has been incredible for us. We’ve been really happy with that. Also, Cheeky Monkey Media’s work allowed us to hook into Pardot. As a result, we’ve seen a great decrease in bounce rates and we’ve seen better leads coming through. The updated site is able to surface relevant content to our users in a smarter way, bringing them in as potential leads. I definitely think that the updated and relaunched site by Cheeky Monkey Media has been an important factor.

~ Vicky Hush, VP, Engagement & Strategic Partnerships, VolunteerMatch (Volunteer Organization)


We are not just a web development and design company. In fact, we have some pretty serious online marketing skills hidden in our nests. We can help you with your digital marketing strategy, user personas, social media strategy, organic search strategy and influencer marketing. We have our own internal marketing agency here at Cheeky Monkey Media, so we can help clients form a solid digital strategy before embarking on the more visual and hands-on aspect of your business' website. It's how inspiration is born!


Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click are such big topics in and of themselves that they have a page all to themselves.

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Your Online Marketing Strategy

Plans change and so will your online marketing strategy. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. A marketing strategy serves as a base for your marketing efforts, making it easier to make informed and well thought out decisions instead of simply reacting as you go through your every day.

Throughout the services section of our website, we’ve been stressing how important it is that you know who you are,  who you would like to become, and who your audience is and knowing what they would like to achieve. This is the basis of your marketing strategy.

When we work with you on your marketing strategy, we help you develop a clear and comprehensive snapshot of:

  • Your organization’s identity
  • What your organization offers
  • Where your organization is going
  • Who your audience is -  their needs, their wants, and where they go to get their information
  • What your organization is doing well and what it could be doing better
  • What your competition is doing well and what your organization does better

Then, we work with you to develop simple and engaging messaging that connects your organization’s solution with your audience’s needs and wants while, at the same time, conveying your organization’s unique passion and energy.

From there, it’s all about mapping out the best way to share that message so that it connects with your target audience, using everything from social media to influencer marketing to event representation. Whatever works best for your needs.

It’s not exactly easy, peasy, banana peely, but we’ll be by your side throughout the entire process. Together, we can confidently and effectively develop a marketing strategy that will take your organization to the next level, and have fun doing it.

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User Personas

User Personas, also known as Buyer Personas, are a key component of any marketing strategy. Why? Well, we all know the saying: assuming makes an …<

In order to help someone with a problem or sell them an experience, you need to understand who that person is.

You don’t necessarily need to know their basic information, but you do need to know how they think, what they are looking for, and why they are looking for it.

User personas tell us:

  • <>What prompts your target audience to act (buy a new car, visit a ski resort, buy that dress, buy that software or service)
  • How your target audience evaluates their options
  • How your target audience comes to a decision
  • Who affects your target audience’s decision

For a further look at Buyer Personas, check out Adele Revella’s book Buyer Personas. Our Marketing Gorilla swears by it.

Let's get started and discover who your target audience is, what they are looking for, and when they are looking for it.

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