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Web Development and Design

We can’t recommend Cheeky Monkey Media enough for the work they are currently doing on our new website. We chose Cheeky Monkey Media as we felt that they would be the ‘best fit’ for our brand and so far it has not disappointed. ... I would highly recommend you contact Rick Bjarnason, CEO of Cheeky Monkey for a quotation and solution to your website enhancement.

~ Donald Miyazaki, Executive Director. Professional Golfers’ Association of BC

What Will Your Unique Web Adventure Be?

Over the years, adventurers from many different industries have come to Cheeky Monkey Media looking for a partner that could help them with professional website development and inspiring designs. While there are many similarities between industries when it comes to web development and design, each industry and organization has a set of unique needs and requirements. We work with you to make sure that we understand exactly what your company's unique requirements and goals are.

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Website Audits

No matter what industry you’re in, a website audit is usually the best place to start. Our troop likes to think of web audits (as we affectionately call them) as a 300-point-inspection of your car. Or, if you’re like half of our Sales and Marketing team, and you don’t get car metaphors, think of the web audit as a home safety inspection.

Basically, a site audit examines your website from top to bottom, inside and out. At the end of the audit, you know exactly what’s working and what’s slowing you down. This way, we can prioritize and fix the most pressing issues first.

Start your web audit today!

We have greatly enjoyed working with Cheeky Monkey over the last 3 years. They are truly a one-stop shop for everything Drupal: design, development, support, marketing, and more. We even had them come in and clean up after a project went bad with a higher-profile, more expensive firm. I know that if I ask them to help with something they will make sure it gets done and done right, which is all you really want from a partner. And it doesn’t hurt that they are super great people as well.


Mobile Web Development

In our jungle, Mobile Web Development has its own page:

Responsive Web Design and Development

Corporate Website Design & Development

Our corporate clients tell us that improving return on investment (ROI), appealing to stakeholders, and taking corporate social responsibility into account are key factors in the decision-making process. To achieve these goals, most of our corporate website clients would like to:

  • Consolidate and organize data in a single place
  • Streamline business processes
  • Integrate internal and external software and technologies
  • Run multiple sites from a single platform
  • Update security and ineffective technologies

To help our corporate clients achieve their goals and create inspiring corporate designs, we work with you to build your company a tool that streamlines your job behind the scenes and simplifies your buyer’s path to conversion. Cue lion’s roar. Success!

Need more proof of purchase? Start by taking a look at how we helped UniWorld centralize their data management.

UniWorld Project

eCommerce Website Development

These days, organizations need everything from eCommerce components to full eCommerce websites. Even if you’re ‘just’ selling tickets, your website will need eCommerce capabilities. And you’ll definitely need eCommerce capabilities if you’re selling multiple products and services.  

Any way you look at it, you will need a secure way of taking, storing, and accessing your customer’s information.

eCommerce Tools

When working with Drupal, we typically use a tool called Drupal Commerce. When working with WordPress, we typically use a tool called WooCommerce.  

Why these tools?

  • They work with multiple languages and currencies
  • They have all the eCommerce basics - shopping carts, checkout forms, product catalog management - and a bunch of extras
  • You can use them to sell physical products, services, subscriptions, and licenses
  • They integrate with third party technologies, like your member management systems, email, and social media profiles
  • They work as a base, we can build on top of them and customize them any way you would like
  • They can figure out different taxes

The list of eCommerce tools is very extensive, and we have only touched on a couple of our eCommerce designer favourites here. To learn more about your options, or to get inspired to start today, talk to one of our friendly customer service gorillas.

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Nonprofit Web Development

Our nonprofit clients tell us that they are always on the go, juggling more things than they can count, and wear multiple hats. While this is true of most industries, it’s even more pronounced in the nonprofit sector. When you’re this busy, and you’ve got limited funds (which may have additional restrictions on them), you need a website that’s working for you, not against you.

Most of our nonprofit clients are looking for help with:

  • An easy-to-use and intuitive information hub where members and prospective members can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for
  • A website that attracts and engages prospective donors and volunteers, and converts them into enthusiastic and involved donors and volunteers
  • A website that’s easy for staff to use and update
  • Creating an effective and inviting user interface (the part of the website your audience sees).

How do we work with you to make this happen?

1. We immerse ourselves in your organization and discover who you are, what you do, who you work with, and where you would like your organization to go.

2. Together, we dig deep to discover what’s working for you and what needs to be improved. You’ve probably already got this sorted out, but we ask you to go through it with us so that we don’t miss anything.

3. Once we have a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, we research your audience. What are their goals and objectives? What are they hoping to gain from working with you? When they look for a solution or service like yours, where do they go and who do they ask?

4. We put our heads together to come up with an Information Architecture (the scaffolding or frame for your website).

5. Then the design team begins working on your website’s look and feel. Revision is a standard part of web design, and after we complete the first draft, we send it to you for feedback.

6. Once we are both happy with the design, the developers get to work building and testing the site.

7. We let your site into the wild, kind of...

We don’t leave you to fend for yourself. That would be like building you a custom car, with all these special features, and not walking you through how to use it.

No. We stick around and make sure you feel comfortable using your new tool. If you have a question, or if something isn’t working exactly the way you like it, and you didn’t notice it in the testing phase, we’ll make sure it’s working the way you like it.

What are the benefits of this approach?

It’s important to our clients and to us that we work together as a team. You might not be a web expert, but you understand your organization better than anyone else. To create a website that portrays the energy and passion behind your organization, we need all of our brains and experiences working together.

It's fun. Redesigning a website is tough work, no doubt about it, but it also can and should be really fun!

We don’t give you cookie-cutter solutions. We work with you to design and develop a well-thought-out and adaptable tool. After all your organization will grow and change, your website needs to grow and change with it.

Interested in some examples of what we can do? Start by looking at how we helped the National Hemophilia Foundation with their Victory for Women website.

The Victory for Women Project

The team at Cheeky Monkey Media is a fun group of people and are pleasant to work with. If the project is something that’s out of scope or really difficult, they’re great at explaining why it can’t be done. If it can be done, but will cost more, they are fair and upfront about it.

~ Jay Patel, Director of Online Marketing, National Hemophilia Foundation 

Higher Education Web Development

Oh monkey, if you’re in charge of the website at a post-secondary school you definitely have your hands full. You’re working with multiple departments and faculties and juggling more work requests than you can possibly fit into your day.

Your IT department is great, but it can be hard to keep and pay for expert developers. There could be another catch; you might have only 1 or 2 developers on staff and there are only so many hours in their days as well.

There are two ways that we can help you when you’re in a situation like this:

1. We have a full team of expert developers, so there is always someone on hand to tackle your project and/or address new priorities.

2. Our expert developers, design experts, and marketing specialists are here to simplify and ease your online pressures. You can rely on us being there for you and your organization. It’s what we do!

Web Development Support and Services for IT Departments

  • AMP integration
  • Regular maintenance and security updates
  • Building new pages and functionalities
  • Cleaning up user pathways
  • Reorganizing the site navigation
  • Integrating with new technologies and software
  • Adding or revising member portals
  • Ensuring your main server can support multiple sites
  • PHP upgrades

Web Development Services for Individual Departments and Faculties

  • Working with you to organize your website in ways that will make sense to your user
  • Training you to use your content management system (CMS) and making changes to simplify updating and changing content on your website
  • Adding new pages
  • Sprucing up your website design
  • Simplifying your website and ensuring the website is intuitive for the user

Ready to simplify your life and get a load off your shoulders? Let us take this project on.

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