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  • 4 years 3 months ago

    What is the difference between Drupal and Joomla?

    If you read other blog articles about the difference, they often site Joomla as some middle ground between Wordpress and Drupal. People look to Wordpress as an easy introduction to CMS's, good for small businesses; and, there seems to be agreement among blog authors that Drupal is more powerful and more flexible, but has a steep learning curve.

  • 4 years 5 months ago

    When I think of tools, I think of something that's designed to make life easier. They can be used to achieve a specific goal, function or process in a shorter period of time. Below is a list of web tools that can get you through the work week a little bit faster.

  • 4 years 5 months ago

    Earlier this year, Cheeky Monkey Media and the Drupal Association began work on a new project for the community – the Drupal Job Boards feature. The Job Boards were to be an addition to the Drupal Association website, and a means in which companies and organizations could reach out to the community with potential opportunities.

    As the feature launches this week, the Cheeky Monkey Media team wanted to extend its congratulations to the Drupal Association, and express our thanks at being able to contribute to its development.

  • 4 years 9 months ago

    What does it do: the message module logs system events which can be used to create user activity streams.

  • 4 years 9 months ago

    Site migrations are a lot like moving into a new house; it’s never easy and can be frustrating to say the least. They both require lots of planning and a little bit of patience. Here are a few things to consider to make your move easier.

    Get organized and take inventory

  • 4 years 9 months ago

    Drupal Statistics Infographic

  • 4 years 10 months ago

    Is Drupal a CMS?

    At first glance this might actually seem like a silly question. However, let’s dig in a little deeper. I am sure most people who know Drupal would answer with an emphatic, "Yes, of course!" But I’m afraid the answer is not so easy.

    If you dig a little deeper, you will find many conflicting opinions.

    For instance, if you go to you will find them describe Drupal as:

  • 5 years ago

    Have you heard of DrupalCon yet? Do you know there are monthly meetups of Drupal lovers all over the world, and maybe one in your city?

    If the idea of getting together with other Drupal enthausists is new for you then check out Drupical to get an idea of just how many meetups, business summits, training and DrupalCon’s there are all over the world.

  • 5 years 2 months ago

    The great thing about the Drupal community is that they are always giving back or thinking of others. Back when the government in the United States shut down, a lot of gov't employees went without work. Until this small Drupal agency put together website that helped furloughed gov't employees find work.

  • 5 years 3 months ago

    Want to hear some exciting news? Yep, it’s about Drupal. This company is helping more and more companies. Recently, one of the biggest school districts in the country saved a bunch of money because of Drupal. In fact, their software costs reduced from 90 dollars a student to only one dollar a student. How did they do this, you ask? They designed a set of applications built on Drupal and replaced some of their licensed tools which reduced over 50 of their own applications. Eighty-four schools and 800,000 students benefited from Drupal’s platform.

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