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  • 2 years 11 months ago

    A Few More Tips and Tricks from the Troop

    In our last post, we shared our best practices for working as a team. In this post, we thought we’d give you a glimpse at the inner workings of the monkey troop.

    Read on to learn what some of our monkeys do to stay sane!

  • 3 years 3 months ago

    The hierarchy of needs for design, is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

    The hierarchy of needs principle states that a design must meet the lower-level needs before the higher-end needs can begin to be addressed. This means that things like ‘functionality’ must come before ‘creativity’.

  • 3 years 4 months ago

    The internet is in a constant state of change, so I suggest you keep up. Everyday there is new code pushed up, new modules, patches and security releases.

    Think of your website like a new sports car. Every six months you're supposed to bring it in for an oil change or tune up. Your website is much the same, and every so often, you're going to need to update some modules or apply a security patch.

  • 3 years 5 months ago

    Before writing any actual code for a module or project, you should try to construct your code idea in a low language(Plain English), which is a good practice.Then, when you write the actual code, the steps will be clear and automatic to create. A great benefit to this is that you have now a comments section to add over your code so future programmers will grasp the code easily.

    Lets look at an example:

  • 3 years 5 months ago

    In the world of programming whether you’re working in Web, Software, Data etc. you’ve more than likely heard of being “ In The Zone“ or “The Flow”. This zone is a state of mind where you have lost awareness of your surroundings, lost track of time, forgot you have children and a mortgage to pay. This is somewhat a sort of meditative state where you solely concentrate on the work in front of you and nothing can stop you.

  • 3 years 6 months ago

    We have all watched someone work in an application as they executed all the commands from the application menus. Even when they use the right-click menu to cut and paste… watching this can be painful.

    Time is Money

    In the world of graphic design, a time driven industry, the faster you can complete your work the more profitable you will be. You may not think that things like using keyboard shortcuts would amount to any significant difference, but it does. Trust me.

    Here are a couple of reasons:

  • 3 years 10 months ago

    Back in August of 2014, I wrote an article Web Design Without Adobe Photoshop where I had finally decided to put the graphics giant, Photoshop, to the side and try some different tools for working with UI and Web design. I didn’t do this to be different, I really and honestly needed a more efficient way to design responsive layouts.

  • 3 years 11 months ago

    So you just got the latest design from your graphics department. Now it’s up to you, the drupal developer, to take that design and turn it into reality. The problem is that they used some fancy pants new font and you need to make sure it works on every browser and mobile device.

  • 4 years ago

    As a drupal developer, I use mac osx to develop all my drupal projects. I like the slick Unified UI, powerful Unix core, and all the awesome building tools on a mac. Although my Mac has everything that I ever needed to develop drupal sites, there is one thing missing that I absolutely need, the ability to install the Internet Explorer browser.

    Why you ask? What on the earth that makes me want to install IE on a mac?

  • 4 years 2 months ago

    User management is an important aspect of a content management system. Thankfully, drupal has really good user management tools built in. Here are some of the cool things drupal can do for you out of the box.

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