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  • 3 years 2 months ago

    Looking to increase your website performance and get a free SSL certificate? Check out CloudFlare’s free service to “supercharge” your website.


    Cloudflare can increase performance in a few ways. First, it can distribute your content globally usings its content delivery network (CDN). Secondly, it leverages browser caching and can minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Depending on your site, you can see some great performance gains, with little work.

  • 4 years 7 months ago

    As I promised last time. I told you I would keep giving you more information from my amazing brain. Read on to learn more about SEO.

    Identify what your site needs

    This can be a little difficult to figure out if you’re not familiar with your current web statistics, or if you haven’t quite got a handle on what people are doing when they browse your site. However, understanding this one little concept can help save you a lot of wasted marketing spend.

  • 4 years 7 months ago

    I once had a client tell me that I was a magician with keyword selection and analysis. It was flattering, but not even close to accurate. The truth, unfortunately, is nowhere near as exciting. Though it may seem that keyword analysis is a mystical talent, it’s actually more of a combination of art and science.

    If you’re looking at your own keywords, here are a few quick tips that may help you. Though I can’t promise you magical powers with this information, I can at least give you a good starting point.           

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